Welcome to International Cultural Service Program (ICSP)

ICSP is a scholarship program for international students dedicated to promoting the recognition of commonalities and appreciation of differences through first hand knowledge and experience. At Portland State University, ICSP scholars are required to commit a minimum of 90 hours each academic year to giving cultural presentations in return for a partial scholarship.

The ICSP program offers a wide variety of cultural services and presentations in order to facilitate cross cultural understanding. Our international students are prepared to address many topics ranging from history, art, cultural festivals, traditions to music and the contemporary lifestyle. They organize their materials to suit specific interests. ICSP participants take great pride in representing their countries in the ICSP, and are delighted to share their cultures with inquisitive audiences throughout Oregon.

Invite our international student speakers to your organization and gain first hand information which will enhance your international perspective.

To invite speakers, please fill a member request form on the side bar. For more information, please contact ICSP coordinators at icsp.psu@gmail.com.

The photo slideshow of our ICSP members providing cultural presentations at different communities in Oregon .

Check out our ICSP video